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MS Lab Straps Press Release

Milano Straps, which has always been sensitive to the issue of sustainability and the ways in which a luxury product should be produced and distributed, has decided, in its small way, to help increase a "Positive Eco-Luxury" economy. In this regard, in addition to continuing to offer a wide selection of "classic" NATO and compatible straps for Apple Watch, it has recently created the MSLabStraps line, a new series of eco-friendly NATO fabric straps made by recycling plastic bottles. post-consumer harvested in Northern Italy. Two MSLabStraps straps are made from a recycled plastic bottle. Through a mechanical, non-chemical and 100% Made in Italy certified recycling process throughout its fully traceable supply chain, the plastic in the bottles is shredded and transformed into a wide range of Newlife® yarns, high quality recycled polyester yarns. quality and performance for textile uses. Suffice it to say that the production of 1 kg of Newlife®, compared to the same quantity of virgin polymer, allows a decrease in energy consumption by 60%, CO2 emissions by 32% and water by 94%. The fabrics made with Newlife® are sustainable, of quality and performing like the polyester threads made from virgin polymers normally used on the market. The MSLabStraps NATO straps boast multiple peculiarities: the Newlife® yarn with which they are made (a recycled polyester thread with a satin construction of as many as 600 threads) transports moisture from the skin to the outside of the fabric allowing the fabric itself to dry quickly, protects the skin from UV rays (UPF value> 50), it is light as it weighs up to 25% less than a "traditional" product and combines technical, antibacterial and anti-odor features with the appearance of natural fibers giving a soft "cotton touch" effect . In addition to being light and comfortable to wear, these new straps last over time and ensure resistance to washing. To all this is added creativity: this fabric allows you to indulge yourself creating, thanks also to collaborations with artists from different sectors, fun, fashionable, original and colorful patterns. Each MSLabStraps strap has, inside the thread with which it is made, a marker to guarantee that it is produced with recycled thread. The same "ethical" attention is also found in the packaging which is rigorously made of FSC-certified recycled cardboard. For each strap purchased, MSLabStraps will give 1 dollar to the One Tree Planted association (